Friday, January 28, 2011

Common Cold...

Since Christmas  my children have been sick one after the other! They both had Common cold ,  my son also had inflammation of the hip or otherwise referred to as   ymenitis  and on the top of thet all four of us had gastroenteritis and now my son has the flu  again!So I decided to give some practical advice for an easy recovery from the common cold! Advices that we all know!

  •  antipyretics (for children) for the  fever .
  •  Saline for stuffy nose (I prefer the one with the sea water)
  •  A lot of humidity in the room
  • Cool compresses (when the fever is high)
  • Vitamin C
  •  Many liquids such as juices (vitamin c), water and hot drinks for sore throats.
  • Light food such as soups!
  •  More comfortable breath by lifting the mattress of his or her bed!
  •  No heavy clothes. Protect from cold with only the essentials. When they are sweaty make sure to change their underwear.
  • A warm bath also helps to relax.
  • Finally a lot of love and hugs!
If the syptoms last more than three days we should ask our pediatrician! Well I call him from the first day:)!
I wish you all the best !:)

Smiles Maria :)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An unusual face cream...

Today I read an article on the websites  and  tlife  , which I found very interesting!
We all  use moisturizer and some of us and wrinkle cream. Do you know which wrinkle cream sells like crazy in UK?

"Baby bottom butter"

Yes a cream that was made for babies when they change their diapers!
 A cream that costs about 5 euro!
Someone find out that it can be used as a face cream also !!!
The news spread and know the "baby bottom butter" cream sales like crazy!

Well I think  will give it a try and I will ask from a friend in UK to send it to me! If I am not happy I will used for my babies! :)

Smiles Maria

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Saturday, January 1, 2011