Friday, October 29, 2010

58 days until Christmas ....

Yesterday I was very happy because I received the first Christmas ornaments,  from my husban's sister. Once I saw them my face lit with joy. I love Christmas and I love it even more now that I have children. 

I love this tree made by glass. It's so pretty...

Sweet sweet Christmas...

I can not wait to decorate my home with these beauties.....

 Smiles Maria

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  1. Only 58 days? Gulp... That puts it into perspective! Love all your pretties. Happy Friday!

  2. yikes! 58 days! that will go by fast!

  3. Hi, Maria! I can't believe it's only 58 days...gulp!!! Love the cute little candy cane ornaments. :) Thanks for linking up with me!

  4. I love your decoration-they are so pretty! I am going to start decorating our house for Christmas next week-I am so excited!

    I love Christmas so much that I even started a Christmas blog! I hope you might be able to visit some time!

    Take care and best wishes for a lovely weekend,

  5. Oh how pretty!

    I love the candy canes! 58 days! Ouch! Time to get crafting and much to do! But I am excited about bringing Jesus into every moment of our family's preparations this year. Its so exciting to prepare for the celebration of His birth! Thanks for sharing your excitement with us!

    Visiting from Amanda's party!

  6. Thank you ladies for stopping by