Friday, November 5, 2010

Vintage things...


Do you like old furniture? I like them a lot. Especially vintage pieces that remind us of another era...Look what my mother in law gave to me. An old radio that she bought at the end of the sixties, a piece that is almost 50 years old. At the beginning I was thinking of painting it, you know to do a "before and after" post, but i decided not to... What do you think should i keep it this way or not?

Any old records?

It works also..
Smiles Maria

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  1. Oh wow! I was just at a little thrift store in a small town in central MO and ran across a collection of great old "records". Some of my old favs! But no way to play them. :( You have a treasure right there! A great piece of history! Enjoy! :D


    Mary Joy

  2. Thank you Mary Joy. My parents have some old records! I will ask them to bring them and play them...

  3. Gosh, Maria, it's hard to say whether you should paint it or not. It is a cool looking piece. What's your usual style? Is it painted furniture and such or more formal?

    Do you have second hand shops near you? We can usually find old records at some near us.

  4. I like furniture looking old (patina). I'm afraid if i try to paint it to lose its character. As i told to Mary Joy ,my parents have old records and today my mother in law told me that she found the records she used to listen. So we find the missing piece :) Have a nice weekend

  5. Love old furntiture! I think that looks great.

  6. That is such a cool piece!!! :) Great find. :) Thanks so much for linking up to my party. Sorry for the delayed comment--it's been a long weekend. ;)